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Sc Ritmic Com Srl de la Suceava:

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Dl Alexandru Tugui
Ilisesti nr 768
727130 Suceava

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Prelucrarea materialelor plastice
Prelucrarea materialelor plastice Vecoplan VEZ 2500 T

secondary shredder Bulk density: >100 kg/m³ Throughput capacity: 10 to/h Grain size: 95% < 30 mm Material discharge: continuous via conveyor belt Production times: approx. 2,000 wo... ...

Culoare metal NE separator
Culoare metal NE separator Alrec-Tec Metall Color Kicker

Metal Color Kicker Separator for separating colored objects from material streams using an RGB camera or separating aluminum or copper from material streams using a metal sensor. ... ...

Separator de metale, separator de metale
Separator de metale, separator de metale ALREC-TEC GmbH METALL-KICKER 400

Very good metal separator (inductive sorter) for separation of all kinds of metal (incl. stainless steel). Can be used before ECS, behind or stand alone. Ejecting of all metals lar... ...

Sită de drenaj vibratorie VS1
Sită de drenaj vibratorie VS1 AMA recycling technologies VS1

Built on order Cstobxp0Zd Vibrating sieve to filter the process water. Process water is preferably used in a closed circuit. The authorities also see this as the ideal solution. O... ...

Centrifuga SP1000 Mk2
Centrifuga SP1000 Mk2 AMA recycling technologies SP1000 Mk2

Stock machine Z788R7A Completely redeveloped high efficiency centrifuge based on our many years of production experience with the predecessor of this centrifuge, we have made vari... ...

Rezervor de acționare a chiuvetei, sistem de spălare
Rezervor de acționare a chiuvetei, sistem de spălare AMA Recycling technologies SFT 3.0

Built on order Vxj03U The sink-float separator STF 3.0 is perfectly matched to our high efficiency SP1000 Mk2 centrifuge and together with these centrifuges forms a compact but hi... ...

Tocătorul RSS Recycling Shredders en Solutions diverse 2 assers

2 haft shredders in different sizes configurated to your needs and whishes, contact us and find out which model you need or look for. Dz3Tia... ...

Linie de granulare
Linie de granulare Plastmachines - BKG Nordson PME 100.35

No.: 2587 1 used, functionally tested pelletizing-extrusion line, output approx. up to 600 kg/h depending materials, equipped with: 3Vbcf7Xb 1 volumetric material blender ( Dosing... ...