Dealer-ul profil

Lejumi un buve la Riga

Lejumi un buve

Herr Deniss Drobotovs

Ganibu dambis 21
1005 Riga


Main types of activity of the factory:
Company has unlimited license for purchasing ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap in Latvian Republic.
“Lejumi un Buve” specializes in aluminium alloy ingots manufacturing by recasting aluminium scrap (raw material) using newest, highly cost-effective technologies and equipment, which have more advantages besides the competitors, as well as are friendly to the environment.
Aluminium products are used in automotive and engineering industry, constructions, city infrastructure elevation and packing materials.
The main profile of our company is aluminium alloy manufacturing for such automotive industry giants like Volkswagen, BMW, Škoda and other well-known and popular European and Asian companies.
Production of aluminium ingots.
Production of city infrastructure products (lighting columns, benches, urns, flagpoles).
Production of utilitarian objects (plates and dishes, household objects etc.).
Technical castings (housings, casings, fastenings etc.).
Production of LED luminaries.
Production of high-quality aluminium, copper and other alloys for automotive industry.
Purchase and processing of non-ferrous (aluminium, copper etc.) and other scrap metals.

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